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Nuclear Self-Destruct Device

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The Yautja Nuclear Self-Destruct Device is a portable, high powered, nuclear explosive mounted on the predator's right wrist computer, and is usually covered with a protective lid. The output of the device can be adjusted to destroy anywhere from 300 city blocks, to an entire city, to an entire spacecraft. When trapped, or defeated, the Yautja hunter activates the device, a countdown sequence begins, a display with Yautja numbers initiates. The length of the count-down is set just prior to the initiation of the count down sequence and the arming of the bomb. Every predator who goes on a hunt is required to have one. This device is used as a means to prevent capture, and any other species from obtaining Yautja technology. It has also been used as a means to cover the predator's tracks, and was once used to wipe out an out-of-controll Xenomorph infestation, (wiping out an entire ancient civilization in the process). Any attempt to tamper or remove the device from the predator's body results in instant detonation of the bomb. There are however ways to disrupt the countdown of the bomb, a Leiutenant Mike Harrigan simply sliced the device (along with the predator's arm) in half with a Razor Smart Disc, succesfully de-activating the bomb, and destrying the device. A complete disarmorment occured once, in which scientists were actually able to amputate a predator's fore-arm in able to obtain the device from the possesion of the predator. Although Nuclear Self-Destruct Devices can be detached from the wrist computer by the Yautja hunter, and left somewhere as a time-bomb (as seen in Alien vs. Predator).


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